B1 W1W1

B1 W1W2

B1 W1W3

B1 W2W1

B1 FTP Ramp Test

B1 W2W3

B1 W3W1

B1 W3W3

B1 W3W4

B1 W4W1

B1 W4W2

B1 W4W3

B1 W5W1

B1 W5W2-3

B1 W5W3-4

B1 W6W1

B1 W6W2

B1 W6W4-3

B1 W7W1

B1 W7W2-3

B1 W7W3-4

B1 W8W1

B1 W8W2

B1 W8W3

B1 W9W1

B1 W9W2

B1 W9W3

B1 W10W1

B1 W10W3-2

B1 W10W4-3

B1 W11W1

B1 W11W3-2

B1 W11W4-3

B1 W12W1
B1 W12W3-2
B1 W12W3-4
B1 W13W1
B1 W13W3-2
B1 W13W4-3
B1 Gruppo FTP Ramp Test
B1 W14W3-2
B1 W14W4-3
B1 W15W1
B1 W15W3-2
B1 W15W4-3

Find Your Workout

Find the workout that coresponds with your workout file. (Recieved on training peaks from Coach Vito).

Use the countdown timer at the start of videos to sync you timer with the video instructions.

Zwift users: When you stop pedaling for a period of 15-30 seconds, the timer and workout script pauses. This can be an issue because the video timer will fall out of sync if your workout timer pauses. Make sure you are prepared with water and nutrition to complete your 1 hr workout interuption free.